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The name of a Swedish dance song heard in Thailand NY parties. I was told it was a song from a strategy game?

The name of the artist is BasshunteR and the name of the song is DotA. DotA is short for Defence of the Ancients a game played through the chat program Ventrilo.

BasshunteR also has a song about Boten Anna, a female IRC user mistaken for a bot.

Swedish version of name "William"?

Just wondering, is there a Swedish name that is equivalent to "William"? (Or is it just "William" in Swedish, too?)


Swedish version of name "William"?
I am swedish and I have seen many guys that have the name William there. Usually they get the nickname "Wille/Ville" :)
Reply:I think so, William is a really popular name in sweden at the moment.
Reply:Vilhelm or Ville

The last name "andstedt" is it swedish?

It doesn't sound very Swedish (I'm Swedish), even if it could pass as a "normal" name if you encountered it in Sweden, since there are quite many family names ending with -stedt in Sweden. However, I checked the official name statistics from the Statistics Sweden's website, and found there are no Andstedts living in Sweden.

The last name "andstedt" is it swedish?
Andstedt appears to be a variant of Anstedt, and originated in Germany.


Last name origins %26amp; meanings:

South German: from the medieval German personal name Anstett. This is a vernacular derivative of Greek Anastasios (see Anastasio).

South German: habitational name for someone from Anstedt in Lower Saxony


Last name origins %26amp; meanings:

German: variant of Anstett.

English: variant of Anstead.
Reply:The exact origin of a NAME is not always the same as where your family or ancestry comes from.

Using just your exact spelling, one lady did immigrate from Sweden. However, the immigration lists are very limited and do not include everyone who ever came to the US. You can't assume that there are not alternate spellings. Anstedt is a name in the US pre 1880.. and per census records, there are several persons, with birth places shown in Baden, Germany, Alsace (France but on German border).

It is NOT POSSIBLE to assume by a name, where a person or his/ her ancestors come from, unless you actually locate that person (YOUR ancestor) and determine their place of birth. Another source of confusion is often that you may have Swedish ancestry through your family, but the Swedish part may well be through a female ancestor. Nothing keeps a Swedish person from marrying someone who is German (or anything else).

IF you have a particular ancestor that you want to know about, I encourage you to post the person with some details, so someone can look them up in the census for you.
Reply:There is one immigrant with this name and she was from Sweden.


The Name renee...norwegian or swedish?

I know some people who are norwegian and they have both named their daughters Renee. Just wondering if this had norwegian/swedish roots?

The Name renee...norwegian or swedish?
Renee is actually a French name and means "reborn".
Reply:Maybe this site can help you find out? What have you got to lose the info is all free. Go to the Gene Links section on this site.

Good luck!
Reply:nope, it is french.
Reply:Ask Renee right here on Yahoo Q %26amp; A ! She is like on level 7 !

Help naming a Swedish Warmblood gelding?

We just got an abuses Swedish Warmblood gelding last night that had been abused and he has no name!!!!!!!!!! He is atleast 17 hh and has a very sweet face. I am going to start riding him because he has a back problem and needs a light rider... What should we call him (show and barn names)

He is also an eventer, so English discipline is what we will show in.

He is also a dark DARK bay

Help naming a Swedish Warmblood gelding?
I've known two Swedish Warmbloods, one looked a lot like yours (don't worry, not the same horse, his owners were too sweet to him and would never do a thing like that) and another that doesn't look like yours. The one that looked like yours was named Hatari and was actually from Sweden, so that could work. The other one is named Prism. Those could be both show and barn names.

I would go with a Swedish theme, oh and Swiss Cheese is actually from Switzerland so that wouldn't work out anyways. Nor would Swedish Fish, although they are awesome!!

The national stud of the Swedish Warmblood is called Flyinge, and after finding out the Swedish word for horse (h盲st) you could put that together and make "Flyinge H盲st" since you are an event rider that would be perfect to hear Flyinge H盲st over the loudspeakers as your galloping through the cross country course! Not sure of a barn name, perhaps Flyinge or H盲st.

ABBA could be another option. ABBA was a really popular band from Sweden in the late 70s, early 80s and many people would recognize the name and know where you got it from.
Reply:I really like the name "Wurlitzer". It's very sophisticated. :) My future school's riding team has a horse named Wurlitzer, and they use it for both his show name and his barn name. If you want something simpler for the barn, however, you could choose any name with a "w": Willy, etc, or choose something completely unrelated.

You might also like to look up Swedish names on the internet and see if you like any of them (even if it's just for his show name). Baby name books are helpful as well.

I'm thrilled to hear that you've adopted a previously abused horse- make sure he gets lots of love! Good luck with your new baby! :)
Reply:I love Swedish Warmbloods! i haven't had the privilege of owning one, but I have ridden one. Try to get to know his personality. However, I love the name Fly Boy (he is an eventer and will be flying!) You could name him a Swedish name such as Adolphus (noble wolf) or Aron (illuminated), Davin (pride of the Finn) Gabriel (strength from God)......there are more on this site:

hope this helps!

good luck with your new baby!
Reply:Don't use a name that resembles how the horse looks, give him a confident name that you would be proud of :) what about Gizmo (Give It A Go) i don't know i just thought about that name and i sort of like it lol i really hope this helps :) just don't resemble looks, maybe do the personality
Reply:Inspector Gadget :) if i had a boy horse i would name it that. His barn name would be Iggy. Kinda like Bob Marley's son Ziggy haha.

I just really like that name so i can say Go go gadget.... canter, jump, trot, ect.

Ha good luck.

Its so great you rescued a horse. I hope he works out for you
Reply:thunder (thunder and lighting)

easy (easy on the eye)






romeo (desperate romeo)




ritzi (ritz cracker boy)



flash (flash of lighting)


mac'n (mac'n'cheese)









pine ally(prounced pine allie)

homie(my home boy)

chief(chief and the indians)
Reply:Svenska Pojke means Swedish boy (in the Swedish language)

Svenska is pronounced as it is spelled (both s and v are pronounced), and Pojke is pronounced poy'ka
Reply:The name depends on his personality. So get to know him for a while then figure out his personality.
Reply:i like:

Freedom's Progress - barn name Freedom

Charles in Charge - barn name Charlie
Reply:Do you have any pictures? Congrats, I love Swedish wrambloods! about Swiss Cheese


Name some swedish models thanks?

Caroline Winberg

Marzena Kamizela

Frida Utter

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can you name a Swedish group.?

Roxette, the Cardigans and ABBA are too easy.

Can you name a Swedish group.?
脰stermalm ?

Tyskarna fr氓n Lund ?

Last days of april ?

Left Hand Solution ?


good question!
Reply:Shotgun Messiah

Here's a bunch of Swedish bands:
Reply:ahha (take on me)
Reply:The Maggots

The Hives

The Chronics

Shimple Mindsh

The Shtereophonicsh

Shuper Furry Animalsh :p
Reply:Swedish bikini team.
Reply:the hives
Reply:not a group but Robyn is swedish

Catatonia are WELSH to the girl above

Aha were Norwegian
Reply:ace of base

a-ha are norweigian
Reply:AHA.. or something like that... think they were swedish
Reply:leather nun